I’m very excited to announce that my new release with Migration “Lines in the Sand” is now available in Europe and Japan physically and digitally. Official US release date is January 25th, 2019.

This album is about the immigrant experience.
I was born and raised in Mexico City and came to the United States when I was 21 years old to fulfill my dream of playing music with the best musicians I could find and learn as much about my craft as I possible could. I always had a family that supported me and I was lucky to be able to come to this country legally to pursuit my goals and dreams.

This album is not about me or immigrants like myself.
This project is about the immigrant who has been forced to flee home out of fear, persecution, war and famine. This is about the kind of immigrant who is constantly being demonized, ostracized and politicized by a powerful few in the name of a misguided nationalism that is quickly eroding a fundamental quality in human beings: the capacity for feeling love for people that look different than we do and empathy for people that are less fortunate than we are. This album is about them and their journey.

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2018 Grammy nominated for Best Contemporary Instrumental Album
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September Issue of Drum! Magazine

It’s an honor to be featured on the September issue of DRUM! Magazine. I’ve been a fan and a reader for many years and this is a huge landmark in my career. Many thanks to Joe Bosso for the great article and to Andy Doerschuk for the opportunity. Photo by Eddie Malluck Read Article

“Birdman Live Scoring” Tour Dates

I’m very excited to announce the first “Birdman Live Scoring” tour in the US this fall. I’ve partnered up with CAMI Music booking dates in Performing Arts Centers across the country for multiple performances in 2017. TOUR DATES



This year and last have been very busy with Migration. Had a few really fun concerts in the US, Brazil and Mexico as well as a couple of great tours in Europe. The band has been evolving exponentially and we’ve achieved a level of consistency and interaction that can only be acquired though extensive touring. The Meridian Suite has proved to be one of the most fun and rewarding live experiences of my career. We’ve been performing it in it’s entirety in all kind of venues all over the world for more than a year and it’s still growing, morphing and developing. Seamus Blake,Thana Alexa, John Escreet and Matt Brewer have been the perfect combination of musical personalities that have made this kind of growth possible. Thank you all. Looking forward to more this fall.



with Migration, Birdman Live Score Performances and also with Pat Metheny, check out where we are hope to see you there.

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